Presage provides a powerful predictive text entry system, but there is so much more that can be done! Everyone is invited to help project development and contribute to presage library and applications.


If you wish to contribute to presage development, the getting started guide is a good place to start. The existing source code documentation is also a good resource to gain a high level overview of the project.

Once you are ready to get coding, be sure to:

  • Learn how to access our source code repository to get the latest and greatest presage. Build presage on your platform of choice. Run the extensive testsuite. If you find a bug, fix it, test your fix, send in a patch. Rinse, lather and repeat.
  • Take a look at the current TODO list for get an idea of desired feature enhancements or improvements to presage's functionality
  • Get in touch with the current development team to announce your intention to contribute to presage. Find out what other developers are currently working on and coordinate your work to avoid duplicating effort.

Source code repository

The presage project is hosted by

Source code is kept in a Git repository.

The following command will clone the presage repository:
git clone git://

More information on the presage's source code repository is available here.


Source code is the only accepted currency.

Please do not offer to send money to the author.

If you wish to have a feature implemented, please get in touch.

Bug reporting

Bugs should be reported to the presage bug tracking system.

Mailing lists

Head down to the presage users' and developers' mailing lists to ask and help answer questions about presage.

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