Presage accepted in Debian


I am glad to announce that presage has been accepted into Debian Sid and migrated into Debian testing. presage-0.8.6-1 was built, signed, and uploaded on Sat, 6 August 2011:

As this is the first upload of the presage package, it was moved to the new/ directory, where it waited for approval by the ftpmasters.
Once the package was accepted, I got a confirmation mail and the "Intent To Package" bug was closed:

The auto-builders then started crunching away to recompile presage on the various architectures. The package is now installed in the Debian archive for all officially supported architectures:

Presage has also been built and installed on some of the debian ports architectures:

So, from now on, you are only a simple command away from using presage on any Debian installation:

`apt-get install presage'

or you might want to try out the GTK+ predictive text editor `gprompter' with:

`apt-get install gprompter'

or maybe the wxPython predictive text editor `pyprompter' with:

`apt-get install pyprompter'

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