Presage in GNOME / GTK / Caribou


Presage has been used as the predictive engine in the Predictor Input Method, an experimental GTK+ Input Method offering a novel and interesting predictive text entry approach. Read more about the implementation of this GTK+ Predictor Input Method and watch a demo of the predictor method in action.

Presage has been used in Caribou, a text entry and UI navigation application being developed as an alternative to the Gnome On-screen Keyboard. The overarching goal for Caribou is to create a usable solution for people whose primary way of accessing a computer is a switch device. Read more about the Caribou prototype offering predictive functionality has been implemented using the Presage DBUS service and watch a demo of it in action.

Finally, check out this write-up and demo about Caribou and the Predictor Text Input Method used together and powered by presage.

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