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Project name change


In July 2008, Soothsayer project leader and developer Matteo Vescovi was approached by a company called Applied Human Factors (AHF) in relation to the "Soothsayer" project name.

AHF, who had been selling an application called "Soothsayer Word Prediction" for 12 years, kindly and respectfully requested that the name of the Soothsayer project be changed, in order to avoid confusion with their "Soothsayer Word Prediction" product.

Matteo recognised their concern and found their request reasonable.



Presage's architecture revolves around the concept of predictive plugins. Predictive plugins implement can be individually tuned to finely control presage's prediction generation process.

The presage system consists of a set of objects that provide functionality required by predictive plugins to access the context and retrieve resources needed to generate predictions. Each predictive plugins uses the services provided by presage platform to implement a specific prediction algorithm.



How can presage predict what text the user is going to enter next?

The approach relies on information theory. Natural language is modelled as an information source. Natural language is a redundant information source.

The key idea is modelling natural language as a set of redundant sources of information. The redundancy embedded in natural language is exploited by various predictive methods to extract information in order to generate predictions.

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